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What is a Schengen Student Visa? - Types of Schengen Visas - longua.org



Student Schengen Visa


The Student Schengen visa is created to permit non-Schengen citizens to visit the Schengen area in order to study in the Schengen area.


If you wish to apply for a Student Schengen Visa follow our instructions mentioned below:

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Read the requirements for your appointment
  3. Fill in the application form - attach photos, further documents required, ...
  4. Submit the documents
  5. Attend the interview
  6. Don’t forget the receipt that states that you have paid the whole processing fee


There are the following requirements:

  1. Photo, passport format, full-face, light background
  2. Passport, min. 2 empty pages, valid for at least 3 months
  3. Reservation of a return ticket / Travel itinerary
  4. A Schengen Travel Visa Insurance. It must cover all expenses up to a value of 30,000€.
  5. Proof of how you want to make your living in Europe: traveller cheques, cash in recognized currencies, ...
  6. Proof of your accomodation: not necessary if your financial situation is sufficiant
  7. Medical travel insurance, valid for your whole stay
  8. Letter of acceptance of your university


Further documents needed:

- Appointment letter
- Description of the working position
- Plane ticket reservation
- Invitation letter of the university




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