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German - Auxiliary Verbs: haben - to have, sein - to be, werden - to become - Grammar - longua.org


Auxiliary Verbs - Hilfsverben


Auxiliary verbs are used to form Tenses / Zeiten, the Passive or the Conjunctive.

ich habe gegessen (Perfekt) - I have eaten
ich werde gehen (Futur I) - I will go

haben / to have 
sein / to be 
werden / to become

“lassen” - to let is not a “real” auxiliary verb, but it partly takes the functions of an auxiliary verb.  

lassen / to let

Modal verbs can be regarded as auxiliary verbs in a broader sense, because they also modify other verbs.

Modal Verbs: 

Modal verbs modify verbs by giving them gradations of feeling, that means they modify without completely changing the meaning.

dürfen / to be allowed to do 
können / can 
möchten / would like 
(~ mögen / like
müssen / must 
sollen / should 
wollen / want to



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