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Negation - ne ... rien, rien ... ne


Statements can be possitive or negative. In general, negative statements are expressed by a negation particle. In English e.g. by “no” or “not”.
In French, the following expressions are used for the negation:

- ne ... pas (not)
- ne ... pas du tout (not at all)
- ne ... plus (not anymore)
- ne ... jamais (never)
- ne ... rien (nothing)
- ne ... personne (nobody, no one)
- ne ... aucun / aucune (no, any)

The French negation consists of two parts, the is one negation particle before the verb and one after it.

- verbs: Je ne parle pas avec cette personne.
- nouns: Elle n’a pas d’amis ici.




Je ne mange pas de salade.

I don’t eat salad.

Elle n’écoute pas la musique.

She doesn’t listen to the musik.

Je ne l’ai pas du tout compris.

I haven’t understood anything.

Ils ne se parlent plus.

They don’t talk to each other anymore.

Je n’étais jamais au Japon.

I have never been to Japan.

Je ne mange rien.
Rien ne va plus.

I don’t eat anything. (Object)
Nothing goes anymore. (Subject)

Il n’a vu personne.
Personne ne l’a vu.

He hasn’t seen anyone. (Object)
No one has seen him. (Subject)

Il n’a aucun plan pour ce soir.

He has no plan for this evening.

“rien” and “aucun/e” can be subjects as well as objects.


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