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Malta - Visa Requirements


Requirements for a VISA

Check list:


Students must apply for VISA 2 - 3 weeks before it expires in the Malta Immigration Office.

Student support is offered at the school for FREE.

Students wishing to study in Malta for longer than 12 weeks must have the

following documents in ENGLISH:


- Employment Licence *Not applicable for students

- Two recent passport photographs

- Marriage Certificate *If client is married

- Enrolement School Letter *Provided from school

- Evidence of sickness insurance

- Proof of financial resources (Euro 60.00 per day in account)

- Photocopy of valid passport

- Birth Certificate

- Residence Permit *Not applicable for students

- Present residence permit *Not applicable for students

- FS3 *Not applicable for students

- Payslips *Not applicable for students

- Profit and Loss statement *Not applicable for students



visa requirements


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Visa Requirements 

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