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Tollwood München / Munich


There is a time to eat and a time to party,

last Wednesday me and our bunch went to the Tollwood Wintermarket. It was just eating, although there is so much to do, I can just remember all the food I ate all the time.

We just met after school and went straight to the festival. Tollwood and other winter markets are pretty popular over here. In Munich they are everywhere, but Tollwood is special. You can have "Glühwein and Lebkuchen" (hot wine and some kinds of biscuits) or also Weihnachtsbier (beer J!!!!!!!!). Tollwood is located on the "Wiesn" where the Oktoberfest takes place.

Andrea , Steffi, me and the others tried so much food there. (I’ll get so fat over here!!) Let me tell you what I had: a Bratwurst in a small bun. 3 Kartoffelpuffers with applesauce. One would have been enough, but the smallest serving was 3. Parts of a Knoblauchbaguette (garlic bread) and a bowl of Schinkennudeln, which is flat noodles, ham, onion, garlic and some sort of herb all fried up over an open flame so that some of the ham and noodles are a little crunchy. I think I’ll definitely be trying to make this one at home. By the way, there is a lot of art you can buy, but there was no time for art cause of all this freaky food stuff.

After all that I felt like a fat round ball - wow - I couldn’t believe that I can eat soooo much. When we had downed all that, Matej, one of the guys decided to go to Parkcafé. Parkcafé means drinking even more, I love this place, during the last weeks it has become my favorite place to go out in Munich. Though being a bit chaotic it’s great… This time we also took along a new girl from Japan. When being in the café she really started to chill, she’s so cute…

The only problem was the next day  - what a disaster. I couldn’t get up at all, maybe we’d partied to much the night before. Anyway, it was fun!!!


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