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LONGUA offers special LAW courses.


The course is designed for complete beginners, but also for students who already have experiences in the field of law of their home country and who are interested in the legal language for professional purposes or for study.
The program of the classes focuses on the different branches of law. Depending on the student’s necessities, the course offers you basic vocabulary, expressions and structures used in the legal language.
The lecture of texts helps the student to get into these topics easily. Text sources consist of modern texts taken form the media, the internet, tradional law-books and extracts of the German (and if wish of the Bavarian) constitution.
Among other topics we offer for example an overview over Technical Terms, Civil Law, Public Law, Criminal Law and different types of contracts.
Finally, the student learns how to apply his newly learned knowledge in text productions and discussions.

Possible Topics:


After arriving at school, the student discusses his needs with the teacher and defines together with him special topics he wants to choose, as the field of law is very broad.


The lessons can take place right here with us, at your home or at the workplace.

Our extra-intensive instruction includes living with a teacher for 24-hour learning. With this, classical instruction and immersion into the daily life of the host culture are combined.

The one-to-one lessons and the extra-intensive instruction can of course be combined with any other offer.



The LONGUA team would be happy to advise you individually.


By request we would be happy to send you more information. Email: info@longua.org



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