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Participle Constructions - Latin, German, English

When analyzing participle constructions the following types of meaning are possible; therefore conjunctions, prepositions and other connectors are used:

Type of Meaning

Conjunction / Preposition

Conjunction / Preposition

temporal: beforehand

als, nachdem

when, after

temporal: simultaneously

als, während, wenn, währenddessem, bei, solange, sobald, nach, danach

when, while, meanwhile, at, as long as, as soon as, after, afterwards


wegen, dagegen, aber, im Gegensatz zu

because of, while, but, as a contrary to


damit; um ... zu



weil, da, deshalb, deswegen, daher, darum, wegen, aus

because, as, that’s why, therefore, because of


falls, wenn, im Falle, sonst

if, whether, in case of, unless


obwohl, obgleich; auch wenn, dennoch, trotzdem, gleichwohl, trotz, ungeachtet, auch, doch

although, though; even if, despite, also, but


indem; wobei; dadurch, dass; ohne ... zu, dabei, mit, bei, unter, ohne

by; while; without ..., thereby, with, when, among, without



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