Case Accusative - Latin Grammar - Lateinische Grammatik



The functions of the accusative are:

- Object
- Adverbial Accusative
- Double Accusative
- Accusativus exclamationis (exclamation)
- Accusative of the Destination
- Accusative of temporal Dimension



- Object:
Amicum video. - I see the friend.

- Adverbial Accusative:
Plus velle - to want more

- Double Accusative:
Eam amicam video - i see / respect her as a friend.

- Accusativus exclamationis (exclamation)
Me miserum! - Poor me!

- Accusative of the Destination
Romam vado - I go to Rome.

- Accusative of the temporal Dimension
Rex 20 annos regnavit - the King was ruling for 20 years


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