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The functions of the ablative are:

- Ablative after certain prepositions
- Ablativus causae (cause)
- Ablativus comparationis (comparation)
- Ablativus instrumentalis (instrument)
- Ablativus mensurae (measure)
- Ablativus modi (kind)
- Ablativus locativus (local)
- Ablativus originis (origin)
- Ablativus pretii (price)
- Ablativus qualitatis (quality)
- Ablativus separativus (separation)
- Ablativus temporis (time)



- Ablativus comperationis
Felicior Marco - happier than Marcus

- Ablativus mensurae
Multo felicior Marco - much happier than Marcus

- Ablativus separativus:
Privare aliquem vita - to take someone’s life

- Ablative after certain prepositions

- Ablativus originis
Pulchro loco - deriving from a beautiful place

- Ablativus comapationis
Augustus potentior Caesar fuit. - Augustus was more powerful than Cäsar.

- Ablativus modi
Vehementia intrat. - He enters with violence.
Nudis pedibus esse. - to be barefooted

- Ablativus qualitatis
Bona anima - to be a good soul
Magna fama est. - He is of great fame.

- Ablativus instrumentalis
Armis civitatem superant. - They conquer the city with weapons.
Civitas muro circumdare - the city is surrounded by a wall

- Ablativus causae
Lege - according to the aws
Spe - for hope

- Ablativus mensurae
Multo ante - much earlier

- Ablativus locativus
In Italia - from Italy
Domi - at home
Humi - on the ground

- Ablativus pretii
Parvo - cheap

- Ablativus temporis
Nocte - at night / during the night
Die - at daytime


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