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How to choose a good language school? - longua.org


How to choose a good language school?


There are many language schools around Germany. It is not always the most famous school or the most famous place that offers the best quality. In general, there are a few points however you should keep in mind when you choose your language school.


No price “discussions”


There should be no “discussion” about the prices, ask for the price list, bad school change their prices according to the home country of the student - a NO GO!


How to find out if there are different prices for different nationalities?


- If you have found a language school, ask for the prices - especially when it is an expensive school - and tell the school two different nationalities.
- In the last years, we have discovered several times that there exist different price lists for Swiss and German students. - NO THANKS!


Why to book with a language agency?


- Using a professional agency, the agency’s price and the price of the school’s price list are the same. As the agency brings in a certain amount of students, school are much more willing to solve problems, private bookings are less “convincing” in this case.


Why shouldn’t be the mixed classes of the so-called “Integrationskurs” and private bookings?


There are 2 types of language courses in Germany - Integrationskurs and Selbstzahler / private bookings.
The students of those courses are very different.
While self-paying students are highly motivated, students of integration courses / Integrationskurse are not always.
Integrationskurse are often obligational and have to be attended by people being supported by the job centre - this causes often a lack of motivation.
When booking privately, ask for a written statement that all other student of the course have booked private, too.


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