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Nouns can stand in different cases. The Genitive can be used as a Possessive Case; it also goes with certain fixed prepositions, the so-called Genitive Prepositions.




Gabis neuer Freund ist Bauer.

There is an s after First Names.

Frau Fischers Schwester wohnt in Portugal.
Sarah Schönemanns Onkel liebt Mallorca.

The Genitve s stands directly after Surnames.

Andreas' Mutter kommt zu Besuch.
Alex' Bruder hat vier Kinder.
Frau Kunz' Auto ist schon wieder kaputt.

If there is a Proper Name on -s, -x, -z or -tz
an Apostrophe ' is added.


Genitive Prepositions

Genitiv Präpositionen


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