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The Adjective


An adjective describes a noun.
You can ask: How is something? The answer is an adjective.



1. Postion in front of the noun and after the noun

If adjectives are in front of the noun the take its grammatical form. An ending is added according to number / Numerus (Zahl: Singular/Plural), gender / Genus (Geschlecht) and Case / Kasus (Fall).
See Adjective declination.
If adjectives are after the noun, they do not change.


2. Declination of Adjectives - Adjective endings
Das alte Auto ist rot. - The car is red.
Ein altes Auto steht auf der Straße. - The old car is in the street.
Altes Auto! - Old car!
> In English adjectives never change.


3. Adjectives with the verbs "sein" - to be, "werden" - to become and "bleiben" - to stay
If adjectives are in a sentence with the verbs "sein", "werden" und "bleiben", they do not change and a form fixed of verb and adjective: copula verb / Kopulaverb.
Er ist jung. - He is young.
Sie wird rot. - He turns red.
Er bleibt ungerührt. - He stays unaffected.

 Comparation of Adjectives - Positive, Comparative, Superlative




Positiv: Er ist groß. Er ist so groß wie Markus.
Komparativ: Er ist größer als sie.
Superlativ: Er ist am größten.

Positive: He is tall. He is as tall as Markus.
Comparative: He is taller than her.
Superlative: He is the tallest.


5. Adjectives with Infinitive
Er ist bereit zu gehen. - He is ready to go.


6. Adjectives with fixed Prepositions
Sie wartet auf ihn. - She is waiting for him.
> There are different prepositions in different languages.


7. Participles as Adjectives
Der lachende Junge - The laughing boy
Das gekaufte Auto - The bought car




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